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Make Tire Change Easier and Safer with TRAC Tire Cart

Tire changes in volume can be a daunting task, especially as wheels and tires get larger and heavier. TRAC Tire Cart makes removal and installation of wheels and tires a breeze. Many automotive professionals struggle with tire changes, but this innovative tool makes the process quick, efficient and safe.

If you're looking for a way to change wheels and tires without the stresses normally exerted, the TRAC Tire Cart can help. With its heavy-duty welded steel construction, steel base rollers, and Quick-Lift hydraulic pump, it offers precise height and tire support. It also comes with solid, locking swivel-stem casters, making it easy to move around. The telescoping support bar keeps tires securely in place, while the convenient lug nut holder adds to the overall efficiency.

When it comes to changing tires, the TRAC Tire Cart is a must-have tool. It's engineered for professionals who want to make tire installations and mounting safer and more efficient. It's designed for versatility and can accommodate a wide range of vehicles, from small sedans to larger trucks and SUVs.

Bulky or heavy wheels and tires can be difficult to remove when a vehicle is on a rack. The TRAC Tire Cart provides a stable base, adjustable height, and locks the wheel and tire to the car, ensuring that it stays securely in place during removal and installation. This minimizes the risk of accidents or injury to professionals, making it a valuable tool in any auto repair shop or for personal use.

Investing in the TRAC Tire Cart is a smart choice. It comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can trust that it's built to last. Don't compromise on safety when it comes to tire mounting or installations. Order the TRAC Tire Cart today and make tire changes a breeze!

TRAC Tire Rotation Assistance Cart under the tire of a large SUV